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Waterontharder COMPACT-S

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Waterontharder COMPACT-S



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    Good price

    The price can be kept low through mass production

    Excellent quality

    Despite the price, the quality is high. The control valve is based on market leaders and has been further developed.

    Nice size

    The entire series has the same footprint. The softener can even be placed in the meter cupboard occasionally.

    Water softener COMPACT series

    In brief

    The COMPACT series is a fully automatic water softener with built-in salt container. This series is suitable for small to large households and softens up to a maximum of 7,200 liters (COMPACT-L) of water per regeneration cycle at a water quality of 10 ° dH . Thanks to the built-in salt container, these water softeners can independently soften water for up to 3-4 months until it needs to be refilled. The COMPACT series works according to the ion exchange process, i.e. it exchanges the ''hardness minerals'' calcium and magnesium proportionally with sodium ions. The lime is removed and the result is soft water.


    The compact series consists of a cabinet housing with a removable lid. A GRP pressure bottle is installed in the cabinet, which is filled with high-quality ion exchange resin. The cabinet housing is also used as a regeneration salt reservoir for the supply of brine (salt solution) and can carry a salt supply for approximately 3-4 months of use. The system is completed by a water volume-controlled valve BNT 1650, which is mounted on the GRP pressure bottle. 

    The BNT 1650 valve is factory set to "Delayed volume-controlled regeneration" (volume control).

    Volume control via the BNT 1650 valve

    The electronic water volume controlled valve BNT 1650 measures soft water consumption by means of an integrated water meter. When the preset soft water flow rate is reached, the appliance does not immediately enter the regeneration phase, but only at 2:00 am. As a safety factor, a reserve capacity is set in advance so that lime-free water is available even after the preset water capacity has been reached. This "delayed volume-controlled regeneration" is set by us at the factory based on the water values ​​and water consumption.

    Ion exchange resin of the water softener

    The heart of every water softener is the ion exchange resin. This resin is filled with sodium ions (Na+). When hard water (tap water) is passed over the resin, the calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ / Mg2+) present in the water are exchanged for the sodium ions (Na+) on the resin. The result is soft water. The resin has a lifespan of more than 20 years.

    Regeneration of the water softener compact series

    When the capacity of the exchange resin is exhausted, i.e. when it is completely saturated with calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ / Mg2+), the system regenerates itself with the help of the salt tablets (saline solution). This regeneration proceeds as follows: The calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ / Mg2+) must be completely removed from the exchange resin. For this purpose, the water softener automatically runs a highly concentrated salt solution (sodium chloride) over the ion exchange resin. During this process, the resin is again struck by sodium ions (Na+). The calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ / Mg2+) are flushed into the wastewater with the excess salt solution via a separate drain connection. The resin is then ready for use to soften the tap water again. During regeneration, the softener supplies untreated tap water via an integrated bypass, ensuring a constant water supply.

    Forced regeneration of the system

    If the system is inactive, the mandatory regeneration starts fully automatically on the 10th day. This prevents contamination in the resin bed. This forced regeneration is a type of safety regeneration that only takes place if no regeneration has been carried out by the quantity control, for example due to holidays.


    Salt filling

    One salt filling is sufficient for approximately 3-4 months, depending on water hardness / water consumption, after which new salt must be added. An integrated safety float valve with buoy protects the cabinet housing against flooding water.

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